Powunity GPS-Tracker for Bosch Engines

GPS-Tracker "Bike Trax" for Bosch Engines

GPS-Tracker "Bike Trax" for Bosch Engines

How to install the GPS Tracker for the Bosch eBikeYour PowUnity System contains a GPS Tracker, a SIM card and a smartphone app - which together makes the perfect theft protection for your Ruffian, as well as for other Bosch eBikes.
The GPS Tracker is integrated into the European mobile network. With this feature you are able to check the location of your bike anytime at any location. In a case of a theft, your invisible hero will inform you about any activity on your smartphone. No matter in which EU Country you are.
The broadcast of your GPS coordinates to your smartphone is made by GPRS and GSM. The data transmission within the first year is included and totally free of charges. For the following years you can activate the data transmission for only € 3,95/per month. No contract or any other commitment, you are able to cancel it monthly. So it is up to you to only use it during summer or the whole year round.

If you take out the battery of our eBike, your GPS Tracker will still be able to send data using its own battery. The PowUnity battery will ensure a stand-by-time of around 3 weeks and an active tracking of 14 hours. If your eBike is not in use, the GPS Tracker will go into stand-by mode. The regular run time therefor is around 14 hours to 3 weeks.

Package contains:
- GPS Tracker incl. SIM Card (EU Network)
- Cable-Connectors for Bosch Engine
- Battery
- Assembly Manual
- Assembly Tape
- 1x Ziptie

Additional need:
Download the PowUnity App from the iOS Store or Google Play Store.

Please note:

This tracker does only work in the European Union and it's not possible to change the SIM Card! The first year is free of any charges, in the second year the fee is € 3,95 per month!
* € 199.95
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