Our Story

Ruff Cycles is bringing some Rock'n'Roll to the bicycle industry since 2012. With our dedicated Crew, we aim to manufacture awesome eBikes and bicycles for cool dudes and dudettes.

Founded by Pero Desnica, Ruff Cycles is located in Regensburg, Germany. This is where we have our headquarter, assembly and warehouse.
As one of the few bicycle frame makers in Europe, our aluminum and steel frames are manufactured in our own facilities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"I got caught with bike fever when I got my first BMX end of the 80ies and since then I somehow just can't (and don't want to) let go.
This fire was reignited 2004 when I bought my first lowrider bike and lead me to subsequently start my first bicycle company in the same year."

Pero, CEO / Stuntman / Bicycle Lunatic




RUFF CYCLES Production in Bosnia



Meet the BIGGIE - The BIGGIE is our newest eBike and was introduced in 2021. The BIGGIE is our stylish eVeryday-Bike for individuals and authentic personalities, that appreciate a breathtaking combination of tradition and modern. It unifies style, fun and function unlike any other Pedelec.


In 2012 Ruff Cycles was founded and what started as a side project, quickly grew – thanks to the demand – to the biggest brand in the custom bicycle scene.
We have then ventured into eBikes in 2016 to challenge ourselves in a totally new field. We were astonished by the quick success of our first eBike "THE RUFFIAN".



The second eBike model "Lil'Buddy" was introduced in 2019 and this 70ies inspired bike captured the hearts even faster. New designs will follow, all carrying the Ruff DNA.

"As a small family business in this shark tank type industry, we can only establish ourselves and grow, when we stick to what we do best, we observe others but will not get distracted what they do." says Pero.

We at Ruff Cycles are proud to be part of the bicycle culture and to have earned our place between all big but also small and cool brands.
A lot of customers are attracted to us because we bring something different to the table and we have a proven track record that our customers are using their cars and motorcycles much less thanks to our eBikes and bicycles.

So join our Tribe and get your Ruff story started!