Ruff Cycles Seatbench Riser Lil'Buddy

Seatbench Risers Double 30mm Lil'Buddy incl. Screws

Seatbench Risers Double 30mm Lil'Buddy incl. Screws

You have long legs and the Lil’Buddy seat is not long enough for your, then our seatbench riser will allow you to stack up to four risers on top to increase the height of the seatbench to get the perfect leg length for pedaling.

This way you can either sit closer to the front or make sure the Lil’Buddy will fit your height. It is possible to stack the riser higher than 4 pieces but than you will have to find longer screws that what we offer. Each riser is 15mm high which combined with four risers will give you a max height of 60mm.

Please make sure to not tighten the screws stronger than 5 Nm!

Note: If you would like to order for more than one bike please add the product a second time to the cart as this way we know which screws you need.

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50 x 14.5 x 3 cm (will raise the seat 30mm)
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