Ruff Hoodie

Ruff Hoodie "Retro" - Unisex

Ruff Hoodie "Retro" - Unisex

The brand-new RUFF hoodie (owners club-edition!) - on sale NOW. With unparalleled multifunctional features, RUFF once again sets the standards for the industry. Not only a great and timeless fashion piece, but also a great household item! It displays great efficiency as a doormat, a duster or in order to block the toilet with, in the event you should find yourself in an urgent situation where you need to flood the bathroom. Our company dog Schorsch even managed to have relations with it. So there's really no room for hesitating here! One for Mum, one for Dad, one for Grandma, one each for the guys from work…and one for the dog.

RUFF UP or give up...

Material: 80% combed Cotton, 20% Polyester
(+ secret components we cannot name!)
Thickness: 320g/qm
Print: Black

Gray melange
S, M, L, XL, XXL
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