Ruff Cycles Black Ape Series - Tango S

Series Black Ape - Tango S

Series Black Ape - Tango S

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No modifications can be requested regarding the item list for the models of the Black Ape Series. The Black Ape Series comes as Bike Kit and is not assembled in any kind.

Delivery Time:

Delivery time for a Black Ape Bike is 30-36 work days.

Change of Parts:

Please note that the picture might be slighty different to what you will get delivered in Colors or in parts, see the parts list for full details!

Love the beast! The new Black Ape Series by Ruff Cycles brings out 6 of our Frames completely done in Black (except the Chain and Pedals). Powdercoated in Jet Black RAL9005 this Ape knows how to escape the NY Zoo without even been seen at night. All Ape parts are not only Monkey compatible but are from our range of high quality Ruff Cycles parts. You can find the detail item list below. All Black Ape Series come with Shimano Nexus 3-Gear Wheels and Backpedal-Brake.

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Color Rims
Ruff Straight Fork V2 - Black
Tango S
26" 80mm Matte Black
- Wheels: 26" 80mm Wheels with Shimano Nexus 3-gear and Backpedal-Brake
- Handlebar: Ruff Ape Hanger - Black
- Stem: Aluminium Stem - Black
- Grips: Ruff Grips Leather - Black
- Saddle: Leather Saddle - Black
- Chainwheel: Ruff Chainwheel
- Crankset: Ruff One-Piece-Crank - Black
- Pedals: Alu Pedals
- Tires: Tires 26" 3.0 - All Black
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