Ruff Wheel Set 26

Rear Wheel 26" 100mm Flat Black - Ruff Cycles

Rear Wheel 26" 100mm Flat Black - Ruff Cycles

FEISTY - that super-seized, morbidly obese fat bastard rolls down the streets like a Sumo wrestler rolls off the toilet with the grace of a spun out of control wheel of cheese and the magnitude and collateral damage of a horde of marauding housewives being pointed the way to an Ed Hardy sample sale...

Comes in red hot red, flat black, virgin white and ghetto silver and in 65 mm and 80 mm width.

Details of the Rear Hub:
Shimano Nexus 3-gear Hub
Material: Aluminium
Spokes: 36
Parts: Twist handle with bowden cable and click-box, Sprocket and assembling parts

Made in Germany.

* € 199.95
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Aluminium / double walled
Matte Black / Powder Coated
Rim Width
100 mm
Rim Type
Rear Hub
Shimano Nexus 3-Gear with coaster brake
36 Spokes
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