eBike LIL'BUDDY Lil’Dazzle - Pedelec with Bosch CX - 500Wh (EU)

eBike LIL'BUDDY Lil’Dazzle - Pedelec with Bosch CX - 500Wh (EU)

eBike LIL'BUDDY Lil’Dazzle - Pedelec with Bosch CX - 500Wh (EU)

eBike LIL'BUDDY Lil’Dazzle - Pedelec with Bosch CX - 500Wh (EU)


Limited Edition - only 66 available!

Get your collector's item! Give the street a new shine! With the Lil'Dazzle you are the eye-catcher on your cruise!
The shiny lightning silver and the black decals give this eBike a very special style. The style of the Lil'Dazzle was inspired by the "Dazzle look" used by the military. Here the contrast between a bright and a deep black colour was used to be "invisible" at sea. 

With the Lil'Dazzle from RUFF CYCLES you are sure of one thing: the looks of the others! The handmade steel frame in combination with the most powerful drive from Bosch ensures incomparable riding fun. The 85 Nm of the Bosch motor make your Lil'Dazzle a real silver arrow!


Exclusive metallic silver powder coating
Limited Edition badge
New RUFF CYCLES Logo on handle bar
Supernova V521s headlight with 235lm
Supernova E3 tail light 2
Go Black upgrade (grips and seat)
Bosch Performance Line CX Motor
Bosch 500 Wh Battery Pack

We are bringing back the 70ies electrified with a Bosch drive

It’s gonna get wild! The LIL’BUDDY is our homage to the crazy bicycles and minibikes of the seventies, that were widely popular due to their extreme level of fun. Get close to this bike, its your best friend, homie and bro – all in one!

It does not judge you, no matter if you take it offroad, to the urban city or on a date.

For the development of this bike, we have partnered up with no other than Aaron Bethlenfalvy. Aaron has been designing bicycles since 1994 and was the former Global Vice President of Design for brands like GT, Cannondale, Schwinn, Nirve, Felt and Mongoose.

Where ever you go, the Lil’Buddy will stick to your side and make sure you will never forget your ride.


The Journey of your Lil'Buddy to you!

Our eBikes and bicycles are much more than what you see on the website where you order and we deliver. Alot of crew members take pride in building an eBike for you and with this clip we want to show you the faces and the processes behind it.
Handcrafted for you!

epowered by Bosch Logo









The second generation of the waterproof V521s is more than 15 % brighter than its exceptional forerunner. The Terraflux 3 lens and a new high performance LED make this possible!

This is why we’ve developed the amazing E3 Tail Light 2. Its Twin Beam Technology offers an extremely bright power beam towards the back, as well as wide side beams with an angle of 250°.

Power: 250 Watt
Support Level: 60 - 340%
Max. Torque: 40 - 75 Nm
Max. Cadence: > 120 rpm
Start-Up Behavior: sporty
Max. Support: 25 km/h
Weight: ca. 2.9 kg
Range 300 Wh*: 31 - 63 km
Range 500 Wh*: 52 - 105 km

The PowerPack batteries are hidden underneath the seat bench of the Lil'Buddy and are easy to charge while on the bike, but also simple to remove and to charge at your home or office. Bosch provides reliable and long-lasting energy storage without memory effect and with minimal self-discharge.

With the Lil'Buddy we like to make things simple, therefore the Purion is the perfect on-board computer for this bike. You get all important information conveniently at the touch of a button during the ride, with both hands remaining on the handle bar. Five different riding modes give you the individually correct support in every situation.

*These numbers are example numbers based on our own experiences.
You could check out the Bosch eBike Range Assistant: Click here (https://www.bosch-ebike.com/en/service/range-assistant/)

eBike Frame
Steel w/ Powdercoating
No tank
Handle Bar
Ruff Cycles BMX Bar - Black
Lil Buddy/Lil Missy Fork
Drive Unit
Bosch Performance Line CX 250W with up to 85 Nm
Bosch PowerPack 500Wh
Max. Speed
25 km/h
Lil Buddy Leather Seatbench
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
7-gear Hub
Double-Walled Aluminum 20“ 100mm
Tyron 20" x 4.0 - Black
165 x 74 x 112 cm
Color Rims
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