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0% interest rate financing with Santander

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Financing with Santander Consumer Bank AG – safe – fast – comfortable

Dear Customer, We want to help you realize your small and big wishes. Therefore we offer you the opportunity of financing your purchase. Individual payments and duration care for flexibility. The Santander Consumer Bank AG is the leading bank for consumer credit business in Germany.

You have to fulfill following requirements

- Have to be of legal age
- Residency in Germany
- Possess a banking account at a German bank
- Regular income
- Possess a valid personal identification card or passport with Residence certificate
- For Non-EU-Citizens, we need other proofs like residence (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) and work permit (Arbeitserlaubnis) and a current residence certicicate (Meldebescheinigung)

Additional information for apprentices and students:

- Financing for students (max. 29 years of age) is possible until total amount of €1.200,- and a duration of 24 months. Please provide your immatriculation certificate.
- For apprentices the total amount can be maximum €1.000,- (Requirement: At least in the 7th month of apprenticeship and living with parents.)