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Aufnäher Retro - Ruff Cycles

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Ruff'n up your shirts and jackets with our Ruff Cycles "Retro" Patch. Be part of a ruff religion and proudly wear our patch to show your friends and community.
Also the back has an iron on glue so its easy to iron the patch on the chosen item, it's still saver to sew the edges to it for strong hold.

For best results:

The application temperature should be around 150-175° C, depending on the fabric. If you use an iron please use the highest level that's possible. If you are using silk or cotton use around 120° C. To applicate the patch use parchment paper with slight pressure and movement for about 15 seconds.
Afterwards use a cloth to iron the back for about 15-20 seconds.
Depending on the thickness of the fabric the application time can vary. Then leave the fabric cool of for some time. After 30 minutes the glue should be hardened.
To clean the patch use a delicate washing programm or clean it by hand - it's not made for chemical cleaning. Also we wan't to indicate that the patch is not made for impragnated work wear or fleece fabrics.

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Typ Aufnäher
Aufnäher Retro
Größe 95x65mm

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