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Frame Dean V3.0 - Ruff Cycles

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DEAN - capricious like C-3PO yet with even less straight features, that's The DEAN...shaped exactly like Darth Vader's original helmet - before The Emperor told him to "take the extensions off, you look like you're wearing a bicycle frame on your head".
When a young Lord Vader argued: "But Im trying to look eccentric!" The Emperor struck him swiftly with a lightning around the ear, in front of all his firends, and the young Lord was sent to his quarters and no TV for a week...

The next generation custom-bicycle-frame, convices with its potential for the exceptional. Doesn’t matter if Racer, Classic, New + Oldschool, this frame fits in every concept.

Ruff Cycles Lifetime Warranty Ruff Cycles engineers quality, durable and reliable custom bike frames. After more than 10 years of experience in the bicycles frame business we are very confident about our products. Our products are made for a lifetime and we stand by them for a lifetime.


Additional Information

Additional Information123

Rims 24", 26", 28" with 65, 80, 100mm Width
Bottom bracket US / BMX
Head Tube 1 1/8"
Seatpost 31,8 mm
Rake Angle 61°
Disc mounts Optional
Coaster Brakes Holder Yes
Color Unpainted / Raw
Head Tube Length 125 mm
Seattube to Headtube ∼800 mm
Seattube to Bottom Bracket ∼630 mm
Width between Chain stays 135 mm
Chain Links ∼152
Chain Length ∼1900 mm
Material Steel
Warranty Lifetime
Weight 5,9 kg

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