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Saddle Bag Slim Brown - The Ruffian

Artikelnummer: E1475-76

In respondence to our regular leather saddlebags we are now also offering a thinner version in waxed canvas with a dubbing of waterproof polyester combined with aged leather finishing.

These handmade saddle bags are especially created for the Ruffian. They fit on the Chain stays and retraces the contour of the Ruffian Line. This way they blend in with the complete Ruffian to not only look gorgeous but also stay practical to fit larger items like Notebooks and other items.

The inside is lined with the smooth fabric and contains an inner pocket for small items like keys, pens or anything you take on your tour.
To keep the bags closed we used a classic buckle, it fits perfectly to the design of the bag and protects you items safely.

The Saddle Bags comes in two colors Dark Brown or full Black.
All assembly material comes with the bag.

€ 49.95 Discount!

If you order a Set of Bags you will get € 49.95 Discount. This will be automatically discounted in your cart.
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Artikelname Preis Menge
Satteltasche Schmal Rechts Braun - The Ruffian
149,95 * €
Satteltasche Schmal Links Braun - The Ruffian
149,95 * €



Material Wachstuch / Leder
Farbe Braun
Größe 42 x 50 x 8cm (hxlxw)
Gewicht 1.5

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