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26" 100 mm Black Wheels

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FEISTY - that super-seized, morbidly obese fat bastard rolls down the streets like a Sumo wrestler rolls off the toilet with the grace of a spun out of control wheel of cheese and the magnitude and collateral damage of a horde of marauding housewives being pointed the way to an Ed Hardy sample sale...

Details of the Front Hub:
Ruff Xtra Wide Hub

Details of the Rear Hub:
Shimano Nexus 3-gear Hub
Material: Aluminium
Spokes: 36
Parts: Twist handle with bowden cable and click-box, Sprocket and assembling parts

Made in Germany.

Artikelname Preis Menge
Vorderrad 26" 100mm Matt Schwarz - Ruff Cycles
199,95 * €
Hinterrad 26" 100mm Matt Schwarz - Ruff Cycles
199,95 * €



Material Aluminium / Doppelwandig
Farbe Matt Schwarz / Pulverbeschichtet
Größe 26"
Felgenbreite 100 mm
Radnabe Vorne Ruff Xtra Wide
Radnabe Hinten Shimano Nexus 3-Gear mit Rücktrittbremse
Speichen 36 Speichen

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